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Change as an opportunity for shared success with our customers.

The pandemic and its far-reaching effects have once again clearly demonstrated that nothing is as certain as change. We basically see this as an opportunity and that is why we have started to focus on the further development of our company in association with our consulting partner from GötzConsultans as part of a strategically controlled process. The starting signal was a workshop with the entire management team.

“We want to take our team along with us in this transformation and further development process right from the start,” explained Managing Directors Michael Kern and Thomas Schulz. “Because success in implementing our goals depends first and foremost on us developing these goals together, standing behind them as a team and then achieving them together.” In concrete terms, this means that we have been determining and defining a wide variety of measures for the current business year for all areas of the company – from management through to production, and how we approach the market and our customers. We will review these regularly and continuously readjust them as necessary.

What drives us?

Turning the opportunities provided by change into even better products and even better service so that we can achieve shared success with our customers. Because we are confident that agility and speed are the decisive factors in meeting the challenge of the future.

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to present our current initiatives and measures to you in a personal discussion. Simply call Thomas Schulz or Michael Kern on +49 (0) 76 22 | 688 37 – 0