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The Next Level: With the new milling center, we are even more powerful.

In March 2024, we installed the “little brother” of our T 7 in our workshops: The Tiltenta 6 Magnum 2300, in combination with the existing milling center, will elevate us to a new level in terms of manufacturing technology. Not least – we will further deepen our programming expertise in CAM and enter and push forward into the realm of 5-axis machining. With the installed rotary table, we even have the 6th axis as an option.

The Tiltetna 6 Magnum 2300 is a highly modern milling center of the latest generation. The high-performance machining centers of the TILTENTA series solve many machining tasks for us in mechanical engineering and in shaft and roller processing. The large work area with the continuously swiveling main spindle allows vertical machining of long workpieces up to 6000 kg on the one hand. On the other hand, precise 5-sided machining of parts weighing up to 1800 kg in pendulum operation is possible through the integrated NC rotary table and a workspace partition wall. The machining centers impress with vertical stainless steel covers for optimal chip flow and full encapsulation of the workspace already as standard.

With this machine, we mainly manufacture shock absorber parts, where many small holes are drilled into tubes. Due to the second machine of this type, the milling programs can be exchanged between them without additional processing. Furthermore, our goal is always to use the partition wall when the parts are small enough to increase machine uptime.

The new milling center is an investment in our future because it makes us even more powerful for our customers and their complex requirements: faster, more flexible, more diverse, indeed “the next level,” or ample performance for ample output. If you want to know what that really means, we look forward to your call, email, or inquiry. We are happy to explore the joint possibilities.

Machine Specifications:

  • Tiltenta 6 Magnum 2300
  • 5-axis machining center
  • X 2300 mm
  • Y 600 mm
  • Z 800 mm
  • Control Heidenhain TNC 640-T series
  • Rotary table with max. machining diameter of 950 mm
  • Partition wall for pendulum machining
  • Spindle speed 14000 min-1
  • Power data 29 kW, 183 Nm
  • Tool positions 40-fold
  • Tool holder SK 40
  • 3D infrared touch probe
  • 6th axis with rotary table available