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„Just right“ – When it’s just right for the customer.

In a large fuel tank, just a few millimeters of deviation can mean a big difference in terms of dollars when it comes to the filling level. And this is the deciding factor in tank depot management of the large raw materials businesses around the world. Endress + Hauser is one of the world’s market leaders in tank level measurement. Here the competence of Weisser-Bärwinkel comes into play: For a reference measuring station, we constructed the required pipework.

At this station in a laboratory setting, the situation „in the field“ is simulated. In the giant tanks of the oil and gas companies, so-called „surge pipes“ are mounted, which automatically fill up along with the filling of the tank and then display the exact filling level of the tank. However, they have a special function because exactly in this pipe, the filling level is measured by means of „Time of Flight“ technology. The filling level radar from Endress + Hauser calculates the time needed for the radar wave from the beginning of the pipe to the upper surface of the medium – e.g. oil or petrol. It is measured in the pipe because the pipes offer protection against the ambient conditions in the tank, which would disturb the measuring result.

The most accurate measurement possible is also needed in the laboratory test station at Endress + Hauser in Maulburg, because the devices are tested and optimized, and in addition, the official calibration and testing are conducted there. „With a 50 meter length, our customer accepts a maximum deviation of +/- 1 mm in all directions,“ says Thomas Schulz, managing director of Weisser-Bärwinkel as well as project supervisor. This high demand on the precision pipe can be explained by the required demand to guarantee on this distance a measurement deviation of 0.5 mm, which Endress + Hauser promises its customer beyond the officially required standard of +/- 1 mm. „The reference pipework must be constructed and worked so that the test construction has as few disturbance factors as possible“, explains Thomas Schulz. Weisser-Bärwinkel achieves this through the highest precision, which begins with the welding of the flange in only one direction, and continues with special pickling procedures to make the inner surfaces of the pipe non-reflective, and finally with the accurate assembly at the site with the local partner SGI GmbH, among other aspects. Weisser-Bärwinkel also displays its special know-how in various technical details on the joints of the individual pipes.

Endress + Hauser openly values the extraordinary quality standard of the steel constructors as much as their proximity and their willingness to go the „extra mile“ in such a demanding project. Manual precision on the one hand, and an understanding of the industrial processes on the other hand, as well as the competence to handle these with the necessary technical and organizational interfaces, show the special skill of the Maulburg specialists for plant construction and steel finishing.

Data and facts:

  • Total length of the measuring section 51 m
  • Pipe diameter DN 100 (114.3) to DN 300 (323.9)
  • Sections up to 4 m; turning L=4000mm; 460mm diameter, WIG welding
  • Delivery in special transport container for protection against damage
  • Design development in cooperation with E+H
At this station in a laboratory setting, the situation „in the field“ is simulated.