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Waste water without radiation in nuclear power plant Isar 1.

Abwasser ohne Strahlung im Kernkraftwerk ISAR

The chamber filter system for the nuclear power plant Isar, Block 1, is the first complete process system from Weisser-Bärwinkel GmbH.

ith this we emphasize once more our competence as an excellently qualified technical and manual project developer with extensive service performance.

Block 1 of the power plant is currently being dismantled. The chamber filter system is a further adaptation and development of the decontamination system of the power plant in the form of a sustainable waste water treatment. The resulting decontaminated and correspondingly treated waste water can be reused several times. This process thus makes a significant contribution to the reduction of secondary waste in the nuclear power plant.

The radioactive waste water is filtered through a so-called fine separator layer with auxiliary filtering materials. The filter cake which accumulates is automatically dried after the filter cycle and falls „dust-dry“ in a provided waste container. After the cleaning cycle, the base filter is completely restored and the cleaning cycle can begin again. In the control, various modes of operation are programmed: automatic, standby, rinsing, and emptying operation as well as diverse service functions.

We completely developed the entire concept of the filter unit, which is integrated in the already existing waste water pipeline for contaminated water, and we built, fitted and commissioned the system over three stories. We were able to implement the project together with an external expert, who is well known in the field and possesses numerous references with similar systems and decades of experience in nuclear technology.

We were responsible for the production of the filter frame including the filter module and raw water container as well as the design and construction of storage tanks for the 500-bar high pressure pumps. Here we were also responsible for the design and procurement of the necessary components and the development of the specially programmed SPS program. All parts coming in contact with the media are completely produced from high-quality, rust-free steel (1.4571).

Anlage in Betrieb:

Complete service from one source is our product promise. Our customers and partners appreciate this. Further projects are already being planned and implemented.

Suppliers partner:

  • Egatec – Bad Säckingen (complete control and electric)
  • Promitec – Schopfheim (agitators)
  • Falch – Blaubeuren (high pressure pumps)
  • Netzsch – Waldkraiburg (pumps)
  • Albert Frey – Wald (pumps)
  • Pedi Zürich – Oberentfelden (protective foils)
  • Endress & Hauser – Maulburg (level, flow, pressure sensors)
  • Pfaudler interseal – Hofheim (rotary transmissions)
  • Chematec – Renchen (fittings, valves)