Journal We can do it

We can do it: optimise the infrastructure for cost and resource efficiency.

By replacing our lights or rather converting them to strip lighting with LED technology, we are “killing several birds with one stone”. The illumination of the workplaces has been improved significantly and this means that additional workplace lighting is no longer required. The improved lighting has enhanced the working environment, and with less power consumption and longer standing times, we save electricity and money.

We achieve virtually the same effect with the gas-powered, highly efficient dark radiators from Schwank. However, in this case we are not saving electricity, but valuable gas. The new radiators, which replace the old heating system with ventilation fan, provide even and comfortable heat distribution using the infrared principle. Schwank has the largest product range of infrared hall heaters in the world.

What’s more, we are really pushing the envelope in terms of resource protection with three new redundant compressors from Kaeser. The energy-saving technology, including the so-called environmental management control, will in future supply the entire company with compressed air. Our service partner Apikal has implemented a convincing solution for us from a single source.