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Shot-blasting for Purposefully Efficient Dismantling

The dismantling of nuclear power plants is a task of the century and highly complex. The main challenge: Large components must be taken apart and decontaminated. As a specialist for large saw construction, we have developed, built and commissioned various band saws in decommissioned nuclear reactors. A further building block for dismantling are the so-called compressed-air shot-blasting plants. For the decommissioned nuclear reactor in Gundremmingen, we put the compressed-air shot-blasting plant DSA001 into operation in March 2023. After six months of operation, we can report that the plant is showing very good results. The compressed-air shot-blasting plant DSA001is a system-relevant plant in deconstruction and thus aids in securing the scheduled dismantling of the reactors.

We developed, designed, constructed and installed the compressed-air shot-blasting plant DSA001 at the location between mid-2021 and the beginning of 2023 – less than 2 years. We had developed similar facilities in the past for the nuclear plants in Philippsburg, Stade and Krümmel.

A compressed air shot-blasting plant is used for removing the top material layer of components using steel shot and a high air pressure of up to 10 bar. The contamination of the components is found in the top layer. The blasting cabin is set up in the machine building and is in direct proximity to the large band saw, which we put into operation in 2022. This was fit in with the other elements over three building stories. The measurement took place back then on site with a new type of 3D measuring system, which delivered highly accurate results for the design and offered the best prerequisites for the installation simulation. The compressed-air shot-blasting plant DSA001 consists of two cabins which can be used indepedently of each other. Each box has its own separate blasting shot preparation line and each blasting cabin is filled by means of movable work tables, which can be moved into and out of the cabin. Both blasting cabins can be reconstructed so that they can be made into one large box. Through the automatic roof hatch, it is possible using the hall crane to bring in and blast components of up to 30 tons. The entire work area of the processing cabins and the loading and unloading areas is surrounded by a separate housing with noise protection elements, which reduce the plant noise for surrounding work stations.

With the construction of this additional compressed-air shot-blasting plant, we were given a further chance to prove our demonstrated competence in the special area of nuclear plants and to show that we are predestined as partners for the dismantling companies. Constructive knowledge on the one hand, extensive experience and understanding for the special demands in dealing with radioactive material and the organizational structures on the other hand, are what distinguish us in being able to optimally serve our large customers in the energy field.

Data and facts:

  • Compressor station 2×75 kW (Atlas Copco)
  • 2 blasting cabins 6 x 2.5
  • Loading and unloading area with
  • Changing room
  • Breathing air supply (BartelsRieger)
  • 2x Blasting shot preparation
  • Elutriator
  • Screw conveyors
  • Bucket conveyors
  • Silo
  • Blasting vessel 140 liters with fast shutdown (Clemco)
  • Dust extraction unit with deposit (Sult)
  • 4 safety filters HEPA H14 (Camfil)
  • Ventilation unit with 10,000 cubic meters/hour (Sult)
  • Control/switch cabinet and electrical installation and commissioning (Egatec)
  • Support structure of boxes and steel construction of the housing (Röger)
  • Lighting (RZB, Durlum)

Important supplying partners:

  • Egatec GmbH
  • Röger Stahlbau
  • Vermessungsbüro Grießhaber
  • Sult
  • AtlasCopco
  • Strahltechnik der Fa. Clemco